Beautiful Birch Tree Pack


Birch trees that are good for any environment

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These are models of beautiful birch trees

File formats: Blender .blend, OBJ, GLB, STL, FBX

Colors can be easily changed. Clean topology.

These models can be used in projects such as videogames, animations, film and more. Easily subdivided or decimated.

This pack contains 15 models of birch trees.

Model stats:

1 Verts:22200 Polys:19761 2 Verts:22504 Polys:20017 3 Verts:21944 Polys:19569 4 Verts:24296 Polys:21601 5 Verts:18792 Polys:16817 6 Verts:18800 Polys:16817 7 Verts:21552 Polys:19201 8 Verts:20536 Polys:18321 9 Verts:20768 Polys:18625 10 Verts:21880 Polys:19585 11 Verts:21736 Polys:19329 12 Verts:21536 Polys:19169 13 Verts:21856 Polys:19569 14 Verts:21984 Polys:19569 15 Verts:20336 Polys:18209


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